Homogenisation, milling

The manufacturing starts with the homogenisation/milling and drying of tungsten carbide, cobalt, tantalum carbide, titanium carbide, chromium carbide, etc. according to our own recipes.


The homogenised powder batches are pressed into various dimensions after being released by our laboratory.

Using linear or isostatic compression and forces of up to 15,000 KN, cylindrical or cuboid blocks – the so-called green parts – are formed. The strength of a green part is comparable blackboard chalk.


The so-called green part can be processed using classic methods, such as turning, milling or grinding. Diamond must exclusively be used as the cutting material for the individual processing sequences, in order to achieve efficient processing times.


The subsequent sintering exclusively occurs in sinter HIP systems. This leads to a non-porous and homogeneous structure of the pre-profiled parts. This is necessary in order to achieve consistent physical properties in the end product.

Checks in the laboratory

The physical values are determined in our laboratory after sintering. This ensures consistently high quality of our end products.